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Animate Gif
Phot of Fifi Doll

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A little about the Legend

Based in Australia, Fifi is a renowned "Shower-singer" and style icon.

In the past 4 decades Fifi has sold no albums, won no Academy Awards and competed at not a single Olympics. However, she has a loyal fan-base around the world and an unusual cluster of fanatic followers in and around Sydney. On this site we celebrate Fifi and wish her well as she enters another decade.

Please take a moment to visit the gallery, check out the diary and also sign the guestbook. You'll be able to see the Fifi doll ... which will be presented to Fifi at the next fan-club meeting on January 25, 2003.

* Note - this meeting should not be confused with the Sci-Fi-Fi
Convention scheduled for February '03.

This is an unofficial site and is in no way approved by Fifi or her management. The pictures used on this website are not intended to imply endorsement by Fifi. Some pictures courtesy of The FiFart Gallery. This site best viewed with a computer.

Note: Email to Fifi will be active from January 25, 2003.